Cristina N. Verified: Shipping and delivery was fast. I think the quality is very good. Immediate impact on mood and restfulness of sleep. After about 5 days I noticed chronic pain in my neck was gone. I still have pains, but one has gone away and others are diminished.

Sarah Connor Verified: I have been grateful and appreciative of the services provided, I only wish there were more affordable options for mushrooms! Thanks for everything so far

Shipping & Delivery

1. When you place an order. Please choose a shipping method and pay for the order, including shipping costs. We will ship the goods after confirmation of payment.

2. We provide a tracking code for all transactions, it will be added to the sales records after sending. Shipment is done by air.

3. Please tell us your delivery address after payment within 24 hours; Otherwise, we will ship your items based on your Address in our contact form, so make sure it is correct.